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REAL ESTATE: Our Areas of Expertise...

  • Real Estate Transactions
    Luxury townhouses, castles, beautiful homes and mansions, apartments, villas, mountain homes, buildings, offices, entire businesses, hotels...

  • Short and long term rental management
    Complete long-term rental management for family patrimonies, short-term and very-short term seasonal rental services; complete relocation services.

  • Financial Patrimony Issues
    Inheritance taxes, inheritance process, patrimonial settlement through arbitration, advice for fiscal optimization.

  • Rental Investment and its profitability
    Creation and optimization of patrimonial portfolio to achieve maximum rental profitability.

  • Works & Decoration
    Work estimates, and oversight of entire work and renovation process.

  • Market Value Expertise
    Precise and complete market reports, patrimonial balance-sheets.

  • V.I.P Concierge & Services.
    Availability 24/24, 10 spoken languages, cars with drivers, reservations and ticket office, hotel bookings, private jets, helicopters, bikes, boats, restaurants...

  • V.I.P Leisures.
    Worldwide yacht rental and management, private jet rentals, car rentals, rentals for special events including villas and mountain châlets, private house staff, private chefs…

  • Specialized V.I.P Banking Partners.
    Opening account, account management, financial portfolios, know-how of "on-shore" vs. "off-shore,” in France and abroad.

  • International Presence.
    Our network assures you an international service. Through one of our trusted local partners, you will benefit from the same quality of service, wherever in the world you may be.
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