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Who we are

Founded by Richard Bellanger (holder of a master and a postgraduate degree in law lawyer), network ALLIANCE real estate France was born of a simple idea: come together to work better but without losing its own identity. Today only, a real estate agency cannot provide the same services to its customers as a large national real estate sign. We are all aware that should consolidate us for more efficiency, but in a way much more simple and much less binding than the franchise or licence of mark.

Regroup, Yes, but not change the brand, without stress, without puncture on our sales, without the right of entry or other contractual obligations. The solution proposed by the ALLIANCE real estate France is to halfway between a club and a plant to purchase a cooperative association. Our philosophy:.

How to make a success of this bet ? By eliminating simply the main criticism made against the big national real-estate networks :
-the loss of identity of the franchisee: by joining the ALLIANCE real estate France, you don't change sign or colour of furniture.
-the financial cost of the franchise: here no entry fee or no reversion on your turnover.
-legal constraints: no duration of contractual commitment, no notice to leave: a total freedom of entry and exit.
-the geographical area limited: no mandatory geographic sectoring, total freedom of action.
- Permanent annexes costs: no hidden cost, total financial transparency.
Here are some examples of what the ALLIANCE FRANCE IMMOBILIERE can provide you :

- A common data base updated in real time

-A plant to purchase discount to lower your costs all general

- permanent legal and technical assistance, a team of lawyers and notaries partners rental management to develop your sales

- A

- A national central catalog partners at negotiated rates (least expensive advertising, printing costs, telephone...)

- A real estate training centre, for you and all of your employees

- A club of reflection (\)

- Specialized assistance

And many other services, all consumables "On Demand".

For more information, please contact us. We will be glad to present you in detail the operations of the ALLIANCE France real estate
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